9/12/13 Southern League Championship Game 2 Birmingham Barons vs Mobile Baybears

Ok, here we go my first post! This was the last home game of the year for the BayBears (Arizona Diamondbacks AA) as they took on the Birmingham Barons (Chicago White Sox AA)  in the southern league championship at Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile AL. It was game 2 of the series with Birmingham having won 8-3 the previous night. They looked to steal their second win of the series and head back to birmingham 2-0 to play the rest of the series in there amazing brand new stadium. When I arrived at the stadium there were not many people at all. The ticket line was maybe 10 fans deep and there was next to no one inside the stadium. Hey, thats a better chance for me to get more balls! I waited in the ticket line and bought 2 tickets (one for me and one for my mom, yes my mom) for front row field level on the 3rd base line right next to the Barons dugout. I thought these would be good seats because not only would I be able to sit down and wait for pre game autographs but I would also have a great chance at catching a 3rd out ball! Prior to the game I got some autographs from White Sox prospects Second Baseman Micah Johnson, Catcher Michael Blanke and Third baseman Cody Puckett, heres a picture.

IMG_1808After that I sat back to enjoy would should be a good game, on the hill for the Baybears was there #1 prospect right handed pitcher Archie Bradley. Archie got off a slow start giving up a 2 run homer to Cody Puckett with no outs to put the Barons ahead 2-0, He settled into a little groove after that going 2 innings without allowing a score. My Chance at catching a ball came early in the game as cody Puckett’s home run at bat he fouled a ball straight at me but I reacted slowly causing the ball to tip off my hand and land in the row behind me where another fan got it. I was so upset!  At the top of the 2nd inning I decide to leave my seat and go sit on the large grass mound behind the left field fence and try my shot at a home run ball. Here was my first view as Barons LF Brandon Jacobs looks up at me.


I waved a him and he nodded back at me, kinda cool! As I walked through the tall grass on the hill I looked down and found this!

IMG_0263It must have been hit there during batting practice! I wouldn’t know for sure because they don’t let fans watch batting practice, nonetheless I got my first ball of the night! I sat on the hill for an inning and a half and then after the Barons scored again to make it 3-0 I decided to take my talents back to my seat. When I got back to it an employee of the Baybears that I have come to know was waiting there to see me. He came over and sat down and asked me “How would you like to sit in the Hall Of Fame Suite tonight?” I looked at him shocked and said “Are you kidding me?” he handed me 2 tickets and then took off. Now you might ask what is so special about the HOF suite. Let me just say that the one Baybears game that Hank Aaron ever attended he viewed if form that very suite! Yeah its that nice, Nice enough for the king himself! Sadly I did not take any pictures of the suite but, I did take this snapshot of the barons dugout as I was leaving my seats to head to the suite.

IMG_0265I think its funny to sit close to the dugout sometimes and just listen to what the players talk about. I sat behind the Montgomery Biscuits Bullpen earlier that season and listened to them talk about all the different ways you can eat okra for about 15 min! After I moved to the suite not much happened until the sixth when the Barons tacked on 3 more runs to make it 6-0. At this point I had lost all faith in us but my spirit was held up by the group of hecklers in the suite next to me. During the middle of the ninth I decided to head over to the Baybears dugout to see if I could get a few autographs after the game. When I got there I stood and waited for the game to finish. The Baybears started a 3 run rally in the bottom of the 9th to make it a 3-8 game. As I waited my same friend that works for the team that gave me the Suite tickets walked up and handed me this!


A game day program signed by top prospect Archie Bradley! I didn’t bother asking how he got it but instead said to him that I couldn’t thank him enough because I didn’t get anything signed by Bradley all year! After the game I stuck around and got a few autographs on cards of Dimondbacks prospect Keon Braxton and got the ball I found on the hill signed by my favorite Baybear Justin Greene, heres a photo of it!

IMG_1813Final Score Barons 8 Baybears 3. A slow night ballhawking but its never a bad night at a ball game! Heres the nights haul along with the game stats.


Venue: Hank Aaron Stadium

Attendance 2,676

Ball number 9 of the season

130 career balls

Thanks for reading check back with me this season to see my other adventures, I have some great ones planned!

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2 Responses to 9/12/13 Southern League Championship Game 2 Birmingham Barons vs Mobile Baybears

  1. Nice pics of the game. I wish I could get to more Southern League games, but have only been to the Jacksonville Suns while I was training in southern Georgia. I have been to the Mobile BayBears stadium, but not when there was a game going on. The staff there was great, though, and let us explore the stadium and opened the gift shop for us. All the best this season!

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