4/19/14 Auburn Tigers Spring Football Game

Now I know that its not football season, and baseball is in full swing but, I just have to take one post to show my passion for something I love just as much as baseball and thats Auburn Football. I usually attend anywhere from 3-4 Auburn football games a year. Last year I went to 3 home games in Auburn, AL and 1 away game in Baton Rouge, LA. I also was present at the SEC championship game in Atlanta, GA to see Auburn beat The University of Missouri and take home their 3rd SEC Championship and secure their spot in the 2014 BCS National Championship.

I got to Auburn on Friday afternoon expecting it to not be raining so that I could attend the Auburn baseball game vs South Carolina but to my surprise it was pouring when I got there. I decided to salvage the day by taking a free tour of the Auburn Football locker room.


There was a long line of fans outside the stadium waiting in the rain for the tour but I knew that it was going to be well worth it! Heres a photo of the outside of the stadium.


You can see in the photo some banners of former Auburn greats such as Cam Newton, Carlos Rodgers, Nick Fairley and in my opinion the greatest athlete that ever lived, Bo Jackson! When I finally got inside the brick fence just outside the locker room there were some bricks that had Auburn alumni and former Auburn players names engraved into them. As I was looking at them I found this one!


The one in the middle that reads “Tim Cook Class of 1982” is in honor of Auburn alum and CEO of Apple – Tim Cook! Sorry the photos a little blurry. I took it while walking! Not long after snapping that photo I entered the locker room and by the door was this Beauty.


Thats the 2010 BCS National Championship Trophy!!! How shiny!

The next few photos are just some I took in the locker room





Cam Newton’s game worn jersey and Heisman Trophy


Bo Jackson’s jersey and Heisman Trophy

After going through the locker room you get to walk out the tunnel that the players use to enter the field. Here was the view in front of me.


And my view behind me.


Then it was on to the field!


Heres the view from the field into the stands.


After scoping out the field for a little bit and taking it all in I went back into the locker room for the end of the tour. On my way out there were some posters with quotes on them. I liked this one so I took a photo of it.


After the tour I headed to where I was staying for the night to get some sleep and prepare for the A-day game the next day. For those of you who don’t know what the A-day game is its where the Auburn Football team plays each other in a practice game to get ready for the season. Most of all the big time college football programs do it.

The next morning I woke up and found out the the baseball team was playing a double header against South Carolina to make up for the game that was rained out the previous day. The first game would start 2 hours before the A-day game so I decided to burn some time and take in as much of the baseball game as I could before before the A-day game. I went in the Auburn baseball stadium (Plainsman Park) which is literally located less the 200 yards away from the Football stadium and found some empty seats in the student section here was my view.

Plainsman Park Auburn

The Auburn baseball field even has a mini green monster!



I stayed till the end of the 5th inning and was impressed with how Auburn was hanging  with the 2010 and 2011 College World Series champs! I left the baseball stadium and headed across the street to Jordan-Hare Stadium. I got there about an hour and half before the game started to get a good seat. I sat next to the tunnel to get a better experience and to see what its like because usually the students sit there during regular season games. Not much happened for the first hour except the kickers came out and practiced field goal kicks. I caught two of there kicks but of course had to give the balls back. About 30 min before game time the whole team came out to stretch heres a few photos I took of them entering the field.




Pretty sick view! After they ran through there pre game drills on the field the team entered the locker room one more time before taking the field. I didn’t take any photos of them entering the field with smoke but heres one I found that will give you the idea of how hype it is.


Once the game started there wasn’t much that happened that was to exciting except Sammy Coates had an amazing one handed catch in the end zone!! Here was my view of the game


At half time I took some more photos of the team entering the locker room.




The second half of the game was played with a running clock so it only lasted about 30 minutes. After the game fans were allowed on the field to get autographs from the players and even Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn! The line for Coach Malzan was soooo long that I didn’t bother getting in it. Instead I went around to players trying to get towels,  gloves and sweatbands.  I got TONS of game used stuff! keep reading to see, but first heres some photos I took on the field.

Auburn Shrubs After Iron Bowl

The shrubs are still trampled form fans rushing the field after the Iron Bowl Win!

Justin Garrett AuburnJustin Garrett signing for fans.

Melvin Ray Signing AutographsFormer Los Angles Dodgers Minor League Baseball player Melvin Ray signing for some fans.

Auburn Football Field


Tommy Tuberville

Former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville signing for some fans.

Now for the Game used memorabilia I got at this game. The following is all of the game used/worn memorabilia I obtained from the A-Day game along with a picture, Enjoy!

Justin Garrett Glove & towel

Trovon Reed Sweatband & Towel

D’haquille Williams Glove

Melvin Ray Small Sweatband

Kamryn Melton Headband

Derrick Moncrief Towel

Auburn Tigers Football Game Used

Melvin Ray Auburn Game used Sweatband

Melvin Ray’s game worn sweatband

Trovon Reed Auburn Game Used Sweatband

Trovon Reed game used sweatband

Derrick Moncrief Auburn Game used Towel

Derrick Moncrief game used towel

Justin Garrett and D'Haquille Williams Game used Auburn Gloves


Justin Garrett and D'Haquille Williams Game used Auburn Gloves

The one that reads “AUBURN” on the palm is the model glove Auburn will wear during the 2014 season and was worn by Junior LB, Justin Garrett. The other one that has “WAR EAGLE” on the palm was worn by Junior WR, D’Haquille Williams.

All together I can honestly say this was one of the best sports experiences I have ever had and I’ll never forget it! It may not be centered on baseball but, I thought it was something interesting to blog about for all you sports fanatics and memorabilia collectors out there. Thanks for reading and my next post will defiantly be a baseball post!!


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4 Responses to 4/19/14 Auburn Tigers Spring Football Game

  1. ThatBallhawk says:

    Nice memorabilia!!!

  2. Auburn Josh says:

    Man, you had a heck of an A-Day weekend! I especially like the BCS trophy picture, with the crystal ball fully lit up; and the one of Tubs! War Eagle!

  3. I really love college baseball, too, and think it’s very underrated. I know everyone loves the college football, but baseball is just a little more pure on my opinion. South Carolina is one of the best teams in the country, too, so I’m sure you saw a few future major leaguers!!!

    • I enjoy watching SEC baseball every now and then just because that’s my favorite conference in the NCAA. I agree with you on that it’s a little more pure. To me it seems like in college baseball the players have much more team spirit and I like to see that! I feel like they really get into it!

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